Running up that hill

Back in March 2011 I ran the adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. My training was severely interrupted by a knee injury but I still managed a time of 2:20:24. This year I ran the race again and achieved a much more respectable 1:57:40.

I’m currently waiting to see if I’ve got an entry in next year’s London Marathon but I’ve already entered for the 2016 Silverstone race. If I don’t get a London place I shall try the Edinburgh race and see if I can beat my current “record” of 5:08:46; I hit the wall at about 18 miles but managed to stumble to the 25-mile point and then ran to the finish!

If you are wondering about the Kate Bush reference in the title, it’s all about location; the only way out of the village (in any direction) is uphill.

Go through that door

There are probably many occasions when you will have heard or used the phrase, “Your life will never be the same.” The most applicable for me came in the Introduction to the PADI Open Water Diver Manual almost 3 years ago. How right they were! From those basic beginnings in a classroom at Oxford Dive Centre and a 2.5m deep swimming pool at Headington School, my eyes have been opened to fabulous new experiences both here in the UK and abroad.

This blog is another new start for me and while I’m not suggesting it is going to change your life, I’m hoping to share some of the amazing things that are now part of my ever-changing world. Along the way I’ll cover some of what got me here today but more importantly I’ll be sharing what is happening now and what I’ve got planned.