Running up that hill

Back in March 2011 I ran the adidas Silverstone Half Marathon. My training was severely interrupted by a knee injury but I still managed a time of 2:20:24. This year I ran the race again and achieved a much more respectable 1:57:40.

I’m currently waiting to see if I’ve got an entry in next year’s London Marathon but I’ve already entered for the 2016 Silverstone race. If I don’t get a London place I shall try the Edinburgh race and see if I can beat my current “record” of 5:08:46; I hit the wall at about 18 miles but managed to stumble to the 25-mile point and then ran to the finish!

If you are wondering about the Kate Bush reference in the title, it’s all about location; the only way out of the village (in any direction) is uphill.